Feedtank is an interactive studio specializing in the creation of
playful interactive experiences mobile applications children's exhibits touchscreen interfaces ipad games for kids interactive floor projections custom interactive installations

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Feedtank began with cartwheels, summersaults, and dancing on the sidewalk.


In the summer of 2004, Jonah Warren and Steven Sanborn joined forces to create a body of interactive artwork for Gaga Gallery in the Lower East Side, NYC. One of their installations, Dance Floor Moves, was projected on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. For the duration of the show, Warren and Sanborn captured the incredibly varied and creative responses of those who passed by. Inspired by the success of the exhibition, Feedtank was formed.

Since then, Feedtank has appeared in WIRED Magazine, been seen on the Discovery Channel, and been interviewed for Adobe Magazine. It has worked on projects for IAC, Adidas , Samsung , Kyocera, NCAA, Brookfield Properties, Crunch Fitness and AMD.

Feedtank has also shown its work in art festivals, museums and galleries around the world, including Art Basel in Miami, FILE Festival in Sao Paulo, DesignEdge Expo in Singapore, Enzimi Festival in Rome, Nextfest in Chicago, Scion Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Chelsea Museum in New York.


Feedtank is a small interactive studio specializing in the creation of playful interactive experiences. It's constantly experimenting with new technologies, coming up with ideas, and creating prototypes. Feedtank's goal is to create experiences that allow people to interact with technology in new ways, making it more human, approachable, and fun.

Feedtank's size allows it to work closely with clients and address their specific needs. Being a multi-disciplinary studio, we are comfortable building software using a wide variety of technologies.

To give you a better sense of the types of projects we've worked on, Feedtank has created:

  • mobile kids games
  • multiscreen presentations
  • installations for children's environments
  • iPad control systems
  • branded screensavers
  • touchscreen kiosks
  • large scale displays using live data
  • interactive web videos that incorporate a user's uploaded photo
  • websites

If you are looking for a playful educational kids ipad app, a cellphone controlled video game for a video billboard, an audiovisual exhibit for a children's museum, an or anything else you can dream up, don't hesistate to contact us.

Jonah Warren is a creative technologist who specializes in the design and creation of playful interactive systems. In 2003, he graduated as valedictorian of Parsons School of Design's MFA program in Design & Technology. He's developed a posture recognition system for a robotic sculpture, created an award winning educational game about poverty, and developed numerous websites and original video games. He is also a faculty member at Parsons School of Design where he has taught courses in Java, C++, and Game Design.

Steven Sanborn builds innovative and engaging digital experiences for the web and physical spaces. In 2004 he received his Masters in Computer Science, focusing on machine learning, computer vision and bioinformatics. He's worked with the creative agency Coolbirth to develop dynamic web sites for clients including MTV and Microsoft. As co-founder of Feedtank, Sanborn continues to conceive and actualize interactive installations for both commercial and art spaces.