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Brookfield Properties

The touchscreen presentation with its corresponding physical model. Buttons in the presentation turn on lights in the model.

In 2008, Feedtank worked with Union Design to create a number of interactive multimedia presentations for Brookfield Properties . The presentations were installed in a showroom for their Manhattan West development project, a plan to build two 60+ story buildings one block west of Penn Station in NYC.

Working with Union's design team, Feedtank built three presentations: a two screen sales tool, a touchscreen interface that lit up physical objects in an architectural model, and a welcome screen. Feedtank also advised on a technical solution for a five screen video wall installed in the suite.

The largest of the presentations, the sales tool, was divided into two sections: a portfolio of Brookfield's existing properties, and a presentation of their Manhattan West project. The portfolio consisted of photos, floor plans, build outs, maps, and statistics for each building. The Manhattan West section consisted of panning panoramic views, flying floor plans, animated subway lines, and 3D rendered videos. Feedtank also created a one screen version of the tool, so it could be used outside the suite, on any system.

The touchscreen presentation was back-projected onto glass with a touchscreen surface. The presentation was linked to a physical architectural model fitted with LEDs. When a user pressed a button in the touchscreen interface to locate a point of interest, an LED locating that spot in the model would light up.

Lastly, Feedtank built a welcome screen for the suite. It was designed so a Brookfield employee could easily change the welcome message and meeting schedule each day.