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FILE Festival

FILE 2008's exhibition space at the Fiesp Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In August 2008 Feedtank traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to participate in FILE (International Electronic Language Festival) , the largest art and technology festival in Latin America. In its ninth year, FILE 2008 attracted over 35,000 visitors in 26 days.

At FILE, Feedtank set up two interactive installations: a new version of Full Body Games, as well as a new posture based sound installation. The two installations were located in the center of the exhibition space, positioned back to back.

Like our instrument Transpose, the new installation isolates the user's silhouette which is used to create sounds. However, in our new installation, rather than the user playing the instrument, the instrument plays the user. Multiple animated lines repeatedly scan the active area and produce sounds based on the position of the user's silhouette. In such a way, it allow users create sounds and loops by experimenting with different poses and by repositioning their bodies.