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A portion of IAC's 118 ft video wall running the Ask.com module, which displays live news feeds.

In early 2007, Feedtank worked with the award winning design firm Trollback + Company to produce content for a 118 foot video wall in the lobby of IAC's new corporate headquarters designed by Frank Gehry. Feedtank produced three dynamic animations for the wall: a module for Ask.com, a module for Ticketmaster.com, and an abstract clock.

The Ask.com module incorporates live news feeds from the site by animating current news headlines and descriptive text, playing with type and scale.

The Ticketmaster module visualizes data from its site, showing current tour data (concerts, sporting events, shows...) by connecting event locations with imaginative flight patterns drawn over an abstracted map of the United States.

The clock displays the time across the entire 118 foot screen with colored bars representing the month, day, year, and seconds. Since a number of computers were used to deliver content to the wall, Feedtank wrote custom client / server software to sync the executables rendering the animation down to the millisecond.